Monday, October 11, 2010

Lisa Brenner is a bad photographer

That might be the jealously because she got to go play Kirby Epic Yarn at Nintendo offices in Redwood City. Nah, there just sucky pictures.
 I love this crappy picture that really tells me she didn't care at all. Whose hand is that?

 Next time Nintendo, 8-bit just call me. Misplaced and out of frame, strange angles and poor spacing, and let's not forget capturing someone's laptop and soda, Lisa Brenner did not display in her pictures the cute, playful and beautifully rendered in a felt world new Kirby game, which comes out Sunday. Strange, games use to come out on Tuesdays.

I'll give you she's a excellent writer, but an awful photographer.

The set up was done by i am 8-bit, the art ... jeez , I don't know what else to call it. Hmmm,  i am 8-bit started out as a video game art show, know it's a company that does marketing for video game companies and other video game related stuff.