Thursday, August 4, 2011

Phil's Diner Good for People Who Don't Have Legs

Phil's Diner
5230 Lankershim Blvd
North Hollywood, CA 91601

I can't move my legs. I don't know how skinny people were or only children went to Phil's, but how close the chairs are to the table/bar are ridiculous. I had to stop in to see how the place stacked up. It wasn't that high. They had the whole story of everything being fresh daily and the service was more than pleasant. Awkward to a point might be better.

Trying Phil's burger was nothing that spectacular, it was okay for the price in any upscale diner, but wasn't worth it to me. It"ll get a big chunk of business when the new Laemmle Theaters  opens up right next to it, Why it was put there instead of a few blocks down the street near the NOHO station in the empty lot that no ones using is beyond me.

I will say they make a damn good chocolate malt.

The looks inside of Phil's just doesn't impress they have memorabilia, but random memorabilia. Once again, got to say the seats are tiny and sadly they can't put in air conditioning. I'd hate if the place filled up. They do have a nice patio.

 Weird thing, saw someone with a coffin with locks nearby. What kind of coffin needs locks?