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Monday, August 1, 2011

Pen Ward Part of Super iam8bit and What Happened in San Diego

Thor Pen Ward! So if you've read my other Super iam8bit update you'd already know the big guy above Pen Ward creator of Adventure Time is part of Super i am 8 bit, the video game art show in LA happening August 11th. It's great news and I wonder what he"ll show off for the show!

So how'd Comic-Con go for Adventure Time other than I hear a great panel and the release of the new Jazwares toys there was a Adventure Time Pizza Parlor?

 for more images of the Pizza Parlor here
 Let's not forget the bid Lady Rainicorn who show'd up for the con

What swag was given away for the show, see below

 So Jake coins got you a free slice and a drink, you also got the Jake Plushie at the Pizza Parlor while supplies lated.

 Gotta show some Regular Show love for some girl cosplayers, the reverse of the ones I saw at AX

 There was also a Facebook video of sock puppet Mordecai and Rigby for Comic-Con, they'd do a simple song about CN shows to promote them. I think the Johnny Test puppet they used shows off some of the animosity they have toward the show, which I couldn't agree with more