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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Lt. Paul Vernon Has to Deal with a Lot of Shit, Latley

From the infant death of the LA Artwalk to the suicide jumper below Lt. Paul Vernon who I thinks in charge of public relations for the LAPD has been dealing with a lot of crap lately.

I hadn't notice, but today his name keeps coming up in each horrible article, like this from blogdowntown
"The most amazing thing about this is the officers' commitment to saving this man in the face of danger to their own lives," said Lt. Paul Vernon, in charge of detectives for Downtown. "What you don't see is the man actually biting the arm of Officer Rick Linton, who in spite of the pain and the insult, continues to hold on to the man."

  with the most horrible being about a crazy woman trying to eat a baby's arm

"The mother and aunt fought off the woman and Mom grabbed the baby," according to LAPD's Lt. Paul Vernon explained. "Hubbard attacked Adriana, scratching and clawing her as she clutched Alexander in her arms." from ktla

the worst part from the ktla report "Mother and aunt ran into an adjoining store for protection, as their assailant ran away. However, the owner of the store pushed the victims back out onto the street. "

It doesn't identify the store maybe for legal reasons, but if i find out I'll be sure to post it and tell you not go to it or make fun of it.

Another terrible one from Little Tokyo where a blind woman was robbed

“This is shocking to watch, especially when you consider this woman is legally blind,” said Lt. Paul Vernon, commanding officer of the Central Detective Division. “When you watch the video you can actually read the crook’s mind as he sizes up his victim and waits for witnesses to walk by.”

in other horrible news
Suspect sought in parking dispute killing at Chuck E. Cheese's
Near-riot in Hollywood: DJ's 'marvelous stunt' went 'terribly wrong’
this was about the Electric Daisy Carnival movie coming out, which I decided not to post on becuase I thought it wasn't interesting enough. I was wrong.

Reading all of these aftter going on the Crime Scene Tour Bus for a recent article and the recent arsonists fire in North Hollywood don't paint a nice picture of LA.

It also must give Lt. Paul Vernon a lot of work, which I'm guessinh he'll use to write a book later on or at least be a consultant on a cop show.