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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Damn the Adventure Time Crew is Prolific

I just posted on Pen Ward creator of Adventure Time being part of Super iam8bit, but now Chogrin Munoz has Monster Creeps this friday and Jesse Moynihan has a Forming Book Release Party. Jeez, just like I wote earlier so many events are going to be about the AT crew and their creativity. Sheesh though, I didn't know it was going to be right after Kent Osborne, writer for Adventure Time had his Art in the Streets short showing at MOCA.

Chogrin is presenting Monster Creeps. BTW I interviewd Chogrin recently, but have been so busy I still need to work on the aticle. Anyway Monset Creeps is for Monster Squad love. Here's the info.

CHOGRIN PRESENTS: MONSTER CREEPS, an art show & tribute to the films by Fred Dekker (Night of the Creeps / Monster Squad), featuring art from members of the Autumn Society & other special guests!

FEATURING: An appearance & signing by writer & director Fred Dekker
WHEN: Saturday, August 6th (8pm-10pm)
WHERE: Dark Delicacies ( / 3512 W. Magnolia, Burbank, CA 91505 )
SPECIAL SCREENING: A special screening of Monster Squad will be held at the Banshee theater (limited seating) featuring a special Q&A with /FILM's Germain Lussier & Fred Dekker ( / 3435 W. Magnolia Blvd., Burbank 91505 )

Sponsored BY: Stange Kids Club ( / Fright Rags ( / Dead of Night Radio (
) / The Autumn Society (

I've never seen the movie, but I'm very intrigued. It looks like a cult classic and with Chogrin and the Autumn Society behind it, how could you go wrong? Dark Delicacies is also a nice venue for anything horror- related. The movie screening's a nice touch, too.

Jesse Moynihan has a Forming Book Release Party @ Secret Headquarters
Friday, August 5th begining at 7pm

It's a web-comic that will span 3 volumes in print form.

Synopsis of his new graphic novel
"Since the dawn of human history, we as a species have sought to understand our existence through creationist fables of omnipotent deities, mythical creatures, and speculation of what—or who—may lie beyond the stars. In Forming Vol. 1, Jesse Moynihan takes these 50,000 years of socio-religious postulation and throws them in the blender to create one epic—and irreverent—battle royal between alien gods, Ancient Greek Titans, interplanetary assassin droids, and humanity itself."