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Saturday, July 2, 2011

What About New Anime?

 Funimation grabbed up Steins;Gate (yes, that's how you spell it) from the people who made Chaos Head, I know little about the this series, but the crowd was excitied. Deadman Wonderland got picked up and features the same art stlye from Eureka Seven. I wished they'd explained the series a little bit better. From what I've read about it, people are put into a competitive prison and gain points like an rpg by surviving a killing each other for viewers at home. It's bloody and violent.

Bloody and violent might be a perfect way to announce Madoka Magica was picked up by Aniplex, if you read my previous guide you'd know I predicted it have a presence. Think of a magical girl show with extremely dark undertones.

Damn, I didn't see any cosplay for Squid Girl which was bought by Media Blasters, also Funimation didn't really show off Panty and Stocking, I wanted some flyers and posters, but I guess there waiting for later cons. I'm see a lot of Pany and Stocking cosplay out there.

Funimation didn't really discuss Cat Planet Cuties that much, but it's a cat girl planet so it's really just fan service, a lot of fan service. Anotther show that was picked up was B Gata H Kei – Yamada’s First Time about a young lady trying to have sex, this is a comedy that sound very funny. The girl doesn't seem to know much about sex at all, she collects condoms because they're cute. Keep that one on your list for future buying.

Funimation's also getting the old back catalog of Geneon including Tenchi and Hellsing, so finally we can get more of the movies out and dubbed.

Dororon Enma-kun Meerame and Kimi ni Todoke for NIS America. One is a shojo love series the other is a extremely vulgar and dirty monster show. I don't like either very much. Doron from Go- Nagai is to vulgar mixed with sex, violence and monster, it's like Panty and Stocking, but not good. It's in no way the same concept, but the jokes both try and be as dirty and it just dosn't work for Dororon.

Viz adds Professor Layton and The Eternal Diva to it's roster, which really captures the game, Puzzles and animation are top notch.  Bleach: Fade To Black was also picked up.

The Disappearance of Haruhi Suzumiya

The movie finally premiered at Anime Expo from a year long wait from last Anime Expo, I don't know why it took so long to come out out, the dubbing was done a year ago. They had a special premiere of Sunset 5 and I didn't hear about until the expo of 2010. Back to the premiere, the voice actor panel prior to the show was a treat with Crispin Freeman,Stephanie Sheh and Wendee Lee cracking some funny jokes. At one point Stephanie Sheh voice of Mikuru asked Crispin a question like a fan, a really annoying fan. For some resaon Star Wars and Haruhi was entertained as an idea. Crispin profoundly said, "Han Shot first!" Anothr great mpmemt was when fans were asked to name other chracters that the three voiced for Bandai, everyone kept getting wrong or messing up at the last part. One person started by saying game voice they did for Bandai and the person in charge of the contest said only Bandai, the audience member replied, "Bandai makes games, too!". Another time the announcer was like, "No that's Viz,. We all chuckled and then someone won a signed manga of the movie.

The movie was simply great. Kyon was the true star of the movie, but he really is for the whole series. It's a much darker tone and a colder feeling creeps into you. It just goes how good the animation, voice acting and story can change your thoughts and view.
With Haruhi gone the world just isn't as cheery, and really bad for Kyon who seems to be a crazy, time travel is touched on and what you might think is easy store to predict turns on you for some damn excellent writing. Most stories you can predict what will happen, this is not one of them. Can't wait for it on dvd and blu-ray, which seems to be ready to go out, because they were playing a finished one for us.

Danny Choo

Danny Choo's talk was a interesting look on making your nerd fantasies come true. Choo has achieved what ever nerd dreams of, accept and and money for being a nerd. The man collects dolls , but casts respect for starting his own company and brand. His brand keeps expanding with his tv show Culture Japan out July 5th on a M Net. His new show Culture Japan look like a great way to learn more about Japanese culture.

Choo's talk was more like a self-help or ego boost for nerds expaling how he go so far and how you can too. I can see why some consider him the king of Otaku, he live the dream we all have. Mine doesn't including owning dolls, as I've said that part creeps me out.