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Thursday, July 28, 2011

Super iam8bit 8 bit booty

 Spot a 8 anywhere in LA?

Behold the Super iam8bit flyers are starting to pop up around LA. When the pop open they reveal.
                                      A free Super iam8bit poster as well as sponsors, the new book pre-order info and particpating artist list.

Whose on the list? Some old favorites Gabe Swarr(one of my favorites), Judd Buffum (pixel artist extraordinaire), Jim Mahfood (indie artist and painter of nude women, he literally paints on nude women), Scott C (you've seen his tiny pieces almost everywhere, he did so many for the Great Showdowns series).

John Dilworth  the man behind Courage the Cowardly Dog.

Big news! Someone else from Cartoon Network's catalog. Another great one Pen Ward creator of Adventure Time will be in the show. I'm more than excitied!

Paul Robertson known for video game pixel art, he gaves us the Scott Pilgrim video game and so many other great movies that throw homages all of your face. His an Aussie hope he shows up.

Finally, probably the coolest addition, my friend Sky Burchard is in the show! The first interview for this site was with him. You"ll be blown away by his stuff! Hint* "It's Dangerous To Go Alone"

i am 8 bit artists are starting to show off their work early. Here's just a few via Rampaged Reality

 Koopa Paratroopa Trophy by Darick Maasen

Absolute Power Corrupts Absolutely by Tim Shumate

Zelda’s Slumber; Dreaming of The Kiss by Rich Pellegrino

Shy Guy Picnic by Nicole Gustafsson

Superiam8bit  coming August 11 in LA
2147 W. Sunset Blvd. Los Angeles, CA 90026