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Saturday, July 30, 2011

Scandal Cute Japanese Girls in School Uniforms

 SCANDAL the all girl rock band from Japan rocked out loud at AM2. Scandal is known in the anime community for providing opening and ending themes to multiple shows such as K-ON! and Full Metal Alchemist. The show was a delight as fans rocked out to the band kick butt earlier this month. This was a huge deal for AM2 and I saw a line forming hours before for this free concert.

 The girls sense of style on stage mixed with the light show let people enjoy the night as only Otaku or anime fans could. I was sitting dead center to hear this might band burst with electricity, sending shocks into the audience. A lighting storm of beats crashed down on us with all the girls playing together.

 We barely got up from our fight before we all shouted, "Encore, Encore" with boys shouting, " I love you Scandal" They came back in a flash with more energy and more songs to beat into us there rocking.