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Saturday, July 30, 2011

Chowhound Be Assholes

blogging. la wrote up a totally nice basic F U to the Chowhound community complaining about Donut Summit. The second you're a foodie blog that complains about Donut Summit I don't care what you have to say. Chowhound wrote up how Donut Summit couldn't get donuts for free and that spelling was bad in blogging.LA posts. Who cares Chowhound? It's a freaking Donut Summit, I have no idea how anyone could hate or complain. Then when a commenter from wrote in the comments section twice about how nice Donut Summit was, it was deleted.

Over Donut Summit really?

In my looking for  things to do in LA, I have ventured to Chowhound and found it useless.

In other donut news Dunkin Donuts will finally be in LA so people can't be jerks and say it isn't anymore. For those who have had friends who have been jerks about this don't tell them and then bet money that there is when they finally open.