Thursday, July 21, 2011

Movie Hype: Twitch Film Links

Wow, damn Magnolia's picking some tasty movies. I saw Tucker and Dale Vs. Evil at the Cinefamily not to long ago. I thought it was stupendous and anyone whose into the Horror genre will love it. Everytime it's played at the Cinefamily it's been sold out.

Two hillbillies get more than they bargained for froam a group of college kids in the woods. Misleading and funny, this"ll be a cult classic or screened on late night tv for a long time.

Twichtfilm brings up a good point of how the new poster isn't as nice as the old one. I have to agree. Magnet gave us the great Olly Moss Rubber poster and that might not be the solution, but something better than the one above. I'm still partial to the one below.

Twitch also spread the great new that Media Blasters has RIKI-OH: THE STORY OF RICKY  heading to Blu-ray. I have seen this totally insane prison movie. It starts off normal and hits crazy just a few minutes in. I don't mean a little bit of action, martial arts cool moves. This is reagarded as one of thr most insane foreign movies or best of the bad to watch. I'll try and get a copy to review the new Blu-ray transfer.

Finally, Twitch also revealed the trailer for  Rabbit Horror 3D which I wrote about earlier here.
I hope Amy Sol is contacted to do the poster. Also, SCANDAL is doing some music for it. SCANDAL is a Japanese girl pop band known for many anime songs they've done. They we're recently at AM2