Saturday, July 9, 2011

AX 2011: Day 2

  I just find the whole peacebonding station funny, the people there have little info on anything else happening, if you don't know peacebonding is the simple process of your prop weapon being tagged to be allowed in the convention center. If you don't, your weapon might be confiscated or you might be asked to leave. It's also to get rid of any real weapons or anything that could hurt someone.

 This cat has be hung uunitentionally.
 It's all the sailor moon cats as a happy family, awww
                                       Nathan Maurer aka Captain Osaka was back with some new prints for Double K, sadly he hasn't had the time to do another book, he says somethings in the works, but no dates, I just won't to read the whole thing!
 A walk outside to gran some grub ended up being the Hetalia summit of nations, what I find funny is mostly girls dress up like Hetalia characters.

                                          I like it when this seems like a normal walk through the hallways