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Friday, July 8, 2011

Bad Toyota Bad

I don't know what Toyota's going for in these ads, I don't think anyone does, this is just going to alienate people. Why is Hatsune Miku in them?

Toyota U.S.A wrote "L.A. is full of Top Dogs - Hatsune Miku is star struck by one of L.A.'s finest." Yeah, fire the people who did this, where the Hell is a car. I know Toyota is a party behind Hatsune Miku, but they could have just had her music coming out tof car's stereo and had the one of the cars as the star of the commerical. God damn how hard is it to make a commerical with her, what a waste, I hope it's the same firm as Warner Bros Marketing.

via Sankaku Complex

I like this one mocking the above one