Thursday, July 14, 2011

Remake Special Review

Remake Special $9.95

by Lamar Abrams

Remake Special isn't your usual comic, it's to damn funny to be a regular comic. Max Guy isn't your typical super hero, he's kind of a jerky childish Mega Man or Astro Boy. When the doo doo monster besmirches Max in his sleep it's up to his friends to kill the doo doo monster once and for all!  Now what might seem childish and silly is entirely childish and silly, but with a art style from Lamar Abrams that makes me wish he worked more mainstream. His art is shockingly tight and brilliant.

 Comical moments are brought out to utter hilarity , while fights are experiments with words that pay off. Not only word fights, but just some segments show Abrams creating something visually pleasing and not the same dribble you could pick up in any boring superhero comic.
 Like watching a video game character freak out and tons of inside jokes making fun of anime and video game culture I was sad the tale was over so fast. I waned more than single story, which was a different take than Remake which fit in multiple stories and nonsense. I like that their was a more linear take on what's going on ,but I wish it was a mini-series or ongoing tile form a third party comic company.
 It's like reading a storyboard for a well plotted out movie.
 So  random and funny, follow Sick Rick, Magma Boy and Max Guy himself battle the menace of the doo doo monster. This is a comic that could easily be the best adult swim cartoon ever  if it had an animation budget.

I can't wait for more and I hope Lamar and Adhouse might try a monthly series.