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Monday, July 11, 2011

Iconic LA: LA Police Department Headquarters

 Los Angeles Police Department Headquarters
100 West 1st Street
Los Angeles, CA

 On a stop to Little Tokyo I decided to look around downtown a little, I found myself at LAPD Headquarters. Never stepping foot inside for any reason, I didn't even realize it was there. The building itself is huge with a adjacent auditorium, which seems to never hold any news reporters for interview.

 A place of such magnitude,strange angles of the building casts a dominant look you can't stop noticing. Like a building devouring another it always seems at the ready for something. Not a simple design, but something to stand out in the city of angels with a triangular like angle.

Funny, the first image that google maps pulls up of the place has news vans in front of it.

I had know idea there was a memorial wall of fallen officers.

 I have to say I didn't except to see anything that well made for people who gave their lives, LA  usually wastes money on frivolous junk, but this looks very well made and iconic. Dignified, yet sad.
Behind that is some sort of a patio area for lunch,it's odd placement behind the memorial wall.

In front of the main entrance are badges on display. Why? No idea, there isn't anything explaining why they're up, still worth it to see how the badge has changed over the years to looks more gaudy.

 If you haven't noticed City Hall is just across the street and there isn't any  virtual foot traffic on the weekend when I went, unless you count the homeless.

 The view from across the street shows off just how dynamic the building looks and the presence it casts.