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Monday, July 11, 2011

Thu Tran Interview, An Evening with Thu Tran

Thu Tran= Food Party

I saw through a iron gate of steel and twisted metal something I shouldn't have. No mortal should have.

I walked the strange path of the many holiday on display.
Looked at snacks and noshed.
Food Party.

Thu Tran is herself on Food Party and I have to say I kind of like that. She is Food Party, the living embodiment of it. I didn't enjoy when what I believed to be a freak puppet show with actors from the show appearing on stage became Thu regurgitating food for us. Yes, that is what happened. In it's on way it was truly terrible and uncomfortable. It disgusted the audience and me. It was not the night I had hoped for or it wasn't what I imagined which was something more colorful and like watching a episode unfold before me. It was getting to know Thu better.

Letting my eyes see the horror before me was not the horror I wished, clips and special footage was shown like a video of what people eat, which was funny in it's own way and girl making sausage together. 

It was uncanny how different it was to me towards the end, it saddened me again that there is no third season on the way. IFC also seems not to have any plans for dvd release which is a shame. Rhett and Link: Commercial Kings are just future jokes on my site about how I dislike them and where they are in LA.

Thu's wish from the interview above is to open a restaurant in NY, I hope she reconsiders and open in LA, so I could try some of her cooking.

Say her name like this 2