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Sunday, July 24, 2011

Adventure Time Toys Don't Suck and Comic-Con

Jazwares why you got to worry us so. If you read on Monday I wasn't happy about them from the comic-con preview. These new shots and previews of the Adventure Time action figures and toys have been coming out and now I'm impressed. Check out his facial features change.
The plushes are a nice touch and look huggable and soft.

You can spot a toy sword to play with and a Jake figure where it looks like his finger can grow really long. I'm still not that happy about the mini-figures. I'd rather they be magnets or something. Little figures in pre-poses aren't meant to be played with, so we're they going more for a collectors thing?

In any case the big figures and plush look great and  this is just a preview, I can't wait to see or maybe show off more on the site.

Pics are also in from the Comic-con activities and I won't lie I wish I went.

 Yes, that Lady Rainicorn like a Chinese dragon parade float. It's just that awesome.

 Check out the Adventure Time Booth, it's kind of hard to miss