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Thursday, July 14, 2011

LTDW Future City You Can Pay in Advance

Just kidding it's free and a Evangelion spoof.

I just went to the press preview and opening party for Little Tokyo Design Week Future City. July 14th through 17. Here's my post on what events to check out. Where different artists, organizations and shops have constructed their own worlds in.  It's definitely a stop on the Downtown Art Walk or a nice break from the annoyance of the 405 being shut down.

Every container another art project or idea.

Artcube was a simple enough design a ton of postcards that can be picked up and every time one is taken the overall design of the cube is changed, creating art.

You have a rice one about how much is wasted in a year, which I didn't know we even did.  Rice sucks to walk on just to tell you, it's not like sand at all.

The robot box wasn't ready when I preview it, which was kind of a let down. I played with these cute rolling Sony robot speakers.

They weren't the only robots, this seal is $600 and a animatronic toy for old people. Daiwa group had a super structure for troubled people that seems damn well designed.

Giant Robot was of course a part of the festivities

Genius Party #5 "Dimension Bomb" is a slick as Hell anime, just sit down and watch the pain, speed and colors. I wish this was part of the anime screenings coming up, not just a pod exhibit.

Other booths ranged from the impractical to nonsensical, I wonder who will win the Golden Astro Boy.