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Sunday, July 10, 2011

Trigun Badlands Rumble Review

Bang, Bang. Explosion! Trigun is back with gun play and silly ultra violen slapstick.

Taking place during the series not after, you"ll find all your familiar friends in top form. The audience I saw it with at the downtown independent was happy to see the cast return with claps and yells when the movie started and ended. Before it ended. No buckle up and get ready to head head first into action.

Spoilers ahead

I re-learned a few things about Vash. One he's into the ladies, I mean really into the ladies. He finds one cute girl and will do anything for her. Which is good for the super new hottie Amelia. Number two Vash is a super Jackie Chan. Constantly getting into fights or looking like he isn't capable of doing much and totally coming through or schooling whoever he's fighting. Misdirection, silly screaming like a nerd, Vash fights to ened conflict not to be a bad ass, even though he kind of is.Vash is actually super, I don't know if you remember the full series, but he can pull off some superhuman feats. So look forward to some more than normal acts.

I had forgotten the Trigun Universe was a post-apocalyptic western. The town swell with insane looking bounty hunters, btw they're all after a man called Gasback that Vash let get away 20 years ago. Back to the design of the town and background characters. Wow, just wow, it's like a comic book artist or mangaka was allowed to doodle anything they wanted in the background. The screen is filled with degenerate scum, non looking the same. Every background character looks like a twisted freak with their own story to tell, The dam funny thing is everyone just accepts that's how they look like. People are missing faces, have robot limbs, look like aliens, no one care at all. I was impressed by such detail.

I really want to say I'm so glad to see a movie with great detail and no cheap animation used it's all top notch quality, no cheap worthless cgi that looks bad. Little details sprinkled in to form a complete and believable universe you see.

Getting back to all the bounty hunters, their presence acts for some great scenes with just super over the top gun fights and violence. When Gasback comes to town he tears through them all with just superior fighting spirit than their numbers. I mean you see him plow throght them like they are nothing, but wannabes. Then the car chase in the desert was worthy of being a classic. Robot arms on a suped up truck Gasback stole knowing cars into the sky.

My only problem would be the flashbacks which show footage you just saw in the movie, this happened more than once and well is sad for a movie to do unless really needed or if it was so brief the audience forgot it, but we didn't.

Vash is the star, his presence up heaves the balance of any place, yes Nicholas Wolfwood shows up, but man  I wanted to see him really fight with Vash or alongs side him, not just stand around. Mille and Meryl too. A certain black cat, too.

If you want a movie with action, comedy and over the top violence or just want to see Vash again head to the theaters I posted about here. It's still paling for a few more days!