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Friday, July 1, 2011

Anime Expo 2011 Day 1

Hello LA, ready for some anime!

The first day of Anime Expo 2011 was a striking success. The now 20th annual show at the LA Convention Center had panels, exhibtors and quite possibly the larget Artist Alley I've seen. I don't doubt even more artists and cosplayers will show up tomorrow. Saturday is always the biggest day of attendance. Let's not forget the Mikunopolis concert that's sold-old out at Nokia.

I"ll be posting pics separated by sections such as cosplay, video game, anime and  Nyan Cat (so many Nyan Cats!)  later. There's just to much to go through. I was there before it even opened and only saw a bit of everything. There's so much merch and special items to look for.

I was so happy to see Arakawa Under The Bridge at the NIS America booth. I'm happy to say they already have the second season for release some time in the future. I"ll have moreon it when I review one of the best new comedies from Japan about the homeless and crazy people, the catch is it's a love story.

 The sites you"ll see around. J-List always impresses with the new wacky gadgets and toys from Japan. Yes those are jars of happy shit from Dr. Slump.
This is, but a small part of the gigantic artist alley, you can easily get lost with so many pieces of send-ups to anime and video games. They even have some great Doctor Who and Star Wars pieces.

The best part and worst might be the people some nerds are just funny to be around, doing inside jokes and having an great time and others are just smug jerks. To be fair no ones been that bad at all. You can easily make a new friend going over an anime you"ll be waiting in line for.

I"ll be posting more updates tomorrow, maybe some from the Miku concert.