Monday, July 25, 2011

Soda Pop Success

Galco's Soda Pop Stop
5702 York Boulevard
Highland Park
Galco's owner Jon Nese excitingly presents his special limited edition "The White Rose". "The White Rose" was just part of the fun for Summer Soda Tasting that held July 24th at Galco's to help and raise awareness to save  the Southwest Museum (more info).

After a short musical interlude Jon appeared in front of a crowd and the line to the tasting event. In an odd move he asked everyone to join him at a table behind them where he introduced the new soda. I haven't tasted it yet, but it suppose to have the taste of white roses I guess. You can tell from the picture at the top how much Jon cared for the event. You could see him, his staff and the Friends of the Southwest Museum doing their part to help their patrons.

 A complimentary glass was give out with your entry to sample all the sodas. You might think it's a small amount, but after trying 10 flavors and more to come you get carbonated. I'm amazed they didn't schedule a burping contest outside. You could hear everyone going, "Excuse me" in between conversations.

 My favorite had to be the smooth taste of the Red Ribbon Almond soda.

This kid above might be the best future bartender in LA. I think he joined finishing the last drops from each bottle. Hank's was another fine choice of sodas. Very smooth.
 Charles Phoenix greeted you as you entered Galco's with his combination sodas. A new mix every hour of the event.
 The store was packed with patrons and soda lovers as newcomers and old school followers of the store drank and burped Sunday out.
 Two things about this picture, they guy on the right is a bad-ass for what he's wearing and the guy on the right is too funny for the look he gave me while taking this picture.

 The line inside and out shows how much a soda tasting meant to everyone and I hope more are in store for Galco's. It was a great turn out, people we're lining up before it started. Everyone had a chance to guzzle down different flavors. I just wish Nesbitts had representatives, Nesbitt's Peach is still the best flavor from Galco's to me, but with such a huge selection you make your own choice!