Saturday, July 9, 2011

Arakawa Under the Bridge Movie!

I was kust checking wikipedia for some facts about Arakawa and stumbled upon the news of the live action movie. It's suppose to be hitting theaters in Japan 2012, even stranger is a television drama is suppose to be hapening this July for Arawaka Under the Bridge, too

The anime sereis recently released by NIS America is about a young well to do business man whose saved by a beautiful young woman who lives underneath the Arakawa Bridge with a bunch of weirdos. Nino and Ric slowly fall in love surrounded by idiots, themselves included.

Looking at the trailer, I'm afraid tosay that masterful art direction and style from the anime doesn't look like it will be captured by the new movie and series.

Here's the official site in Japanese.

Tokyograph reports
TBS will begin airing the “Arakawa Under the Bridge” drama series on July 26 in a Tuesday night 12:55am-1:25am time slot. The affiliated MBS (in Osaka) will air the show on Saturday nights at 12:30am-12:58am, starting on July 30.
The movie version is still scheduled for release in February 2012.