Saturday, July 23, 2011

Captain America Lacks Action

Captain America is an okay movie. I felt that the fights and action were kind of a let down. Instead of some really great fights you have one montage of fights. Two really big fights, that well just didn't have any amazing moments. Some free falling anti-gravity fighting seemed like a great idea, but the way it was shot was just mediocore. I wish what went into the montage fight went into the big ending fight.

Warning spoilers ahead

Just some points

-There were some excellent moments and the writing for the first half was great, with Steve becoming an idol only in acting, but you lost me on any good battles.

-One problem that isn't ever actually hit is how Cap is alive? Fans from comics know he was frozen in a block of ice. They never show that in the movie. All you know is the plane crashed with him at the wheel in a cold place.

-The ending credits could have also been at the start of the movie to pump up fans. I don't know why so much work is put into the part where a lot of the audience leaves.

-The Avengers looks great, it's previewed at the end, which makes me hate the WB and DC for such a pitiful job handling it's characters. They've established a universe with continuity and DC has Batman that's it.