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Saturday, July 23, 2011

California Gift Show Gives Ideas on What To Get

 The California Gift Show  still going on till the 25th at both the LA Convention Center and L.A. Mart is filled with products and gifts you find in gift stores and trinket shops.  All those special products that you find. The t-shirt makers and the card makers and fun items to splurge on.
 L.A. Art Machine was there doing some art because it looked cool to do art in front. I hadn't seen them since another LA Convention event. I think they were behind some fun thing at MOCA or LACMA a few months back.

 The roundabouts self-adhesive cupcake wrap mostly got me for the puppeter, but the whole concept was too silly not to look at.

Insta-Snow was another highlight. The texture is weird, but I could see how easy it is to have fun with it.

 The concept of mailing someone some snow in the summer seems like a great idea.

                                      Apparently their cards won the Louie Award, which I didn't know existed, but apparently there are even card awards for best card.

 Who doesn't want a stylish shmuck card for the holidays?

   Urban Affairs for women had emergency supplies like extra underwear. I've seen the product before for men. I wonder if it's the same company or lawsuits will spring up.
Thousands of other products filled the convention center, down stairs the hall was filled with jewelry and products from other countries. It was filled to the brim with people and rare foreign goods. With beach balls and dj's stationed all over CGS was a event to find the right item for the right customer.