Tuesday, July 26, 2011

I Met the Man Who Made Bling Water!

I did not think I'd be meeting the creator of the overpriced bottled of water, but he was there selling $20-$60 bottles of water with Swarovski crystals on them in the shape of the word bling. I sure as Hell didn't know he wrote for The Jamie Fox Show.

 Kevin Boyd is making bling with his bling. I'm amazed it sells and has been selling for some time. Though it seems ridiculous, people buy the most abundant resource on Earth in a reusable glass bottle with the word bling on it.

I got to give Kevin credit he created something that I'm sure others thought was ludicrous, but now it's bought by some heavy spenders. His sale to me was just great. "What do you do when you give someone a present at their graduation? Do you give them a bottle of Fiji water? No, bling water" I think you give them money if you're the parents, not a $60 dollar bottle of water.

Did I mention is started in Dubai? Yes, the criminally evil Dubai, where so many western companies like Marvel who wanted to create a theme park wanted to opne up shop, then realized it was a terrible place and not many people visit. When you say Dubai to me, it better be a story about how it tricked immigrants into building it festering fakeness of pleasure. Nothing good comes from Dubai.

Throughout our talk he never brought up how the water was different than any other water. Online there's some sort of special process that's discussed.  We discussed what sold the most, I was guessing the blue one, but apparently the original does the best.  The man still writes and might be doing something soon, but the bling is his baby.

The product is a total novelty to me. It's just ridiculous and just a status symbol that you can buy it. If I was ever presented with it as a gift I would always look down at that person who gave it to me.

It's like those dog bakeries here in LA, why do they exist or function, I truly hate them. I guess I should just do a piece on the dog bakeries in LA and ask them why do they exist.

Check this first review on yelp for the Three Dog Bakery "This place is Mecca for doggie parents who shower their fur babies with love AS THOUGH THEY WERE HUMAN BABIES".  Wow, each review is it's on terrifying tale in weird, self-importance, and the excellence of having a dog birthday cake. Because as we all know dogs know when it's their birthday.

Another gem is for dog equality (I'm starting to laught at how silly that concept is)
"He asked me what kind of a dog I have and I told him an American Pit Bull Terrier. His response was, "oh". Then it seemed they were a little snobby because I didn't have one of those toy dogs, ie chijuajua, that everyone here has. Since I noticed this I just asked to purchase a "Boston Terrier Pie" and their banana nut cake for my boy. 

I didn't really like that these workers here had these preconceived notions against me and my APBT. If your an owner of a Pit or any other larger breed dog I would suggest you go to the Three Dog in Pasadena. Their staff was VERY friendly to my Pit when we stopped in there one night. They have the best service out of the three Three Dog's I've been to."



Best Part

"Bottom line is if you work at an establishment meant for DOGS, you should treat DOGS equally."

Oh, right I was on bling water, if you buy it you"re probably rich, if you go to a dog bakery you"re probably rich.