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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Robot Chicken: Star Wars III Review

Robot Chicken: Star Wars III [Blu-ray] $13.99

Star Wars parody at it's best, who knew the could keep doing it three times and still be funny? I would have never said they could.  Joke after joke hits you fast and hard in the latest Robot Chicken Star Wars entry. From Seth McFarlane stealing the show as Emperor Palpatine to the crazy insane talk of Boba Fett, you"ll be in Star Wars heaven. Minor references and in-jokes are blown into huge over the top song numbers. Minor characters are given, just the dumbest dialogue for no reason.

 My favorite bit has to be the use of the word "Wizard" and the dance number by Darth Vader that become a Inspector Gadget fiasco. From the 80's movies starts to the naked old man ending, you'll be absorbed by this stupidity.

The extras are pretty nice too. I  never knew George Lucas really met with writers and Seth Green or had fun sneaking away while someone left the room. Don't forget deleted scenes and commentary to finish up your chicken dish.

Robot Chicken: Star Wars III is wizard!