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Saturday, July 16, 2011


National Terrorism StrikeForce: San Diego:Sport Utility Vehicle or NTSF:SD:SUV is premiering Thursday, July 21, at 12:15am Adult Swim

The shows is created by Paul Scheer of Human Giant fame. He does a sometimes twice monthly Crash Test comedy show at the UCB theater and was huge part of the Lost art shows and secret stuff in LA.

I really enjoy his sense of humor, much more than  the awful Children's Hospital.

The three greatest things about the show so far are

1. Paul wearing a wig

2. Captain "fucking" Jane Way  as part of the cast

3. A robot

My only fear is Paul is having too much fun with the show like Jon Benjamin had with Jon Benjamin Has a Van, since I'm sure it"ll be only one season. Scheer isn't Benjamin, but it just seems to be Scheer's dreams of doing anything he ever wanted.

From the two episodes I previewed I felt too much funding, not enough writing. Sadly, it's sort of like a Not Another Movie franchise making fun of all the other cops shows out there. The other problem is way too many jokes in a minute, not many that good.

All photos credit of Adult Swim