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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

So the Green Lantern Cartoon Sucks

Inventive, imaginative, loyal to the original story, beautifull rendered and it own artistic vision are none of the things that this cartoon. As both a fan of Green Lantern and Bruce Timm this is a terrible atrocity. Just like the character Atrocitus design and almost everyone other's Bruce Timm's insane wanting of CGI of his designs makes the show even more ugly. It's pathetic after seeing the footage they put out as a joke for Conan Obrien's Flaming C.

How they Hell do you produce such utter boring designs, but make a concept that was made up on the spot look better?

The voice casting made me cringe. Is Tom Kenny the round Red Lantern? Did they just rip off Starscream from Tranformers animated and put him in the show for Atrocitus to have a sidekick? Killowog and Sallak? Ughh. Hal Jordan is just well, he doesn't sound cool at all.

I laughed when the Guardians tried to pull over Hal like traffic cops. My god it was so out of character. Talking out of character, who the Hell is the wimpy Red Lantern with the white face? Your suppose to be insane and with rage all the time if your a red lantern, but I guess not in this terrible animated series.

Like I wrote earlier on my All- Star Superman review no one can replace Bruce Timm, but after watching this it looks like he should retire and give some new people a try.

Thanks for the terrible movie and cartoon Warner Bros.