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Friday, July 8, 2011

AX 2011: Miku, She's Totally Outrageous!


Think of Jem and the Holograms, then think if it they were real and constructed by the Japanese. Then you'd have Miku Hatsune, if you've read my earlier post on her, you'd know she's a virtual idol straight out of Japan. No she isn't a real girl, she's some sort of a Hologram, with technology I quite don't understand and she sings vocal no human could.

I was blown away by the strangeness, yet total J-Pop of the show.  Minunopolis was housed in the Nokia Theatre, lines began right after the Bandai Entertainment panel or maybe earlier, big lines. Fans were excited and every doorway leading into Nokia was cramped with guards not understanding what the Hell was going on.

I sat down and an anime character stepped in front of us all. Costume changes and transformations no human could pull off. Vocals that would destroy a common singers larynx. Lots of green hair flowing in the air. It was something to see and I beheld it's majesty.

Oh, the fan new the song, by heart and they waved their glowing sticks in the air to the melodies that surrounded both my ears and eyes. I was drenched in melody. On a boat of utter musical notes song by a mermaid, she didn't really transform into a mermaid, but if Disney gets a hold of the tech behind the show you'd best bet Ariel will be singing out at the El Capitan.

It's no wonder the show was sold-out, stunning movement by a model or model as multiple vocaloids appeared on stage mimicking concerts. Vocaloids are the type of game characters or performers that make up the Hatsune Miku universe, which I might add doesn't have a actual anime. Song after song poured out of a total digital beat with back up with a live band.

The band is nothing without their stars and that's what Hatsune Miku was. A vocalist who doesn't tire, who can change her style for the next song or even change form and become more Volcaloids. Watching her on stage is like watching a video game character step into reality. Her movement and moves show that she must have had some sort of layered structured for her form, some sort of skeletal framework, muscles and tendons.

At a point the show seemed over, but the fans wouldn't say no, they shouted her named and demanded and Encore and by gum they did. I didn't know a Vocaloid could do encores , I didn't know it was in there programming.


The technology behind it truly fascinates me and friends say it's quite simple, but I would have liked to see how it's all set up like an episode of "How It's Made" , but maybe that takes away the magic. I'm unaware if the model of the girl on stage is just a recording or a live actress or tech is changing what she's doing. I'd guess it's all pre-recorded, but I might never know. I guess for now it's magical, and damn catchy, too.

When it finally was over it was like a ending anime theme that was too sad, but she said she , that is Miss Miku said she wanted to come back, so lets hope.

Gonna have to buy the album.