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Thursday, July 14, 2011

Creepy in LA: Edward R. Roybal Federal Building Courtyard

Edward R. Roybal Federal Building  255 E Temple St Los Angeles, CA 90006

In between the two federal building lies a strange a oddly peaceful courtyard with strange architecture. I definitely don't get the 4 man riddled with bullets monuments at the front of it.

 As you go up the Courtyard you"ll find a strange arena or hanging structure
 There's a strange, a very strange narrative acted out by figures in the structure, they're all over the thing and they seem to big carry a ball that might represent the world
  I think death lies in the center of it and a strange woman figure below him.
 I hate the artist's stle is like a n80's music video nightmare come to life.
 In the center is a woman, because the artist made dicks and vaginas for these creatures, thats how you can tell, the woman holds the earth. What does this have to do with anything? Who knows> I believe water shoots out from it or may have at some point, but it wasn't on when I went on the weekend.

 I sort of hate the artist for ruining such a easy going place that didn't require any of their style of freaky people who are naked.