Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Oh Yeah! Korean BBQ Cook-Off Coming Back

I couldn't be happier the Korean BBQ Cook-Off is getting bigger every year. I've been following since it's start in a small parking lot to a slightly larger parking lot. Right now this competition above is a great way to start off the event.

"This year, the Korean BBQ Cook-Off will host a new competition in search of the best original Korean-inspired BBQ dish.  The Top Grilling Master prize will go to the chef with the most original and tasty Korean BBQ dish.  The four chefs invited to the Cook-off will be selected by an auditioning process held on Sat, July 23rd at MaDang Courtyard."The four winners (and one alternate) will then compete at the Korean BBQ Cook-off, held on August 6th at Hobart St (between 7th and Wilshire Blvd).  This year's Cook-Off is located at a bigger venue, more seating and more vendors,hope to see you there as well!"