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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

The Huntington

No it's not a place to go hunting.

Library, Art Collections, and Botanical Gardens
1151 Oxford Road, San Marino, CA 91108

With Summer making us thirst for cold soda, like let's say from the Soda Tasting at Galco's another refreshing treat is to enjoy nature and culture. From the cool air conditioning of it's art collection and exhibits to it's stunning collection of plants the Huntington is a domain of summer relaxtion and intellectual pursuit. It's also a rather nice place to take you're kids.

A bit less Hippie like than Tree People that ou might have gone to via a LAUSD school trip the Huntington is a noble ground to get lost in. Last Sunday, I had the pleasure of spending a few hours checking it out for the first time.

The above exhibit was only a small part of it's great expanse. The healing section which showed a look into what medical science use to be was part of the larger"Beautiful Science: Ideas that Changed the World".

The subjects of astronomy and electricity encircled healing showing off wonderful facts to wrap your head around.

I didn't know so many light bulbs of different design existed.
 Flowers, strange plants and beautiful statues adorn the surrounding area, which I might add is more than simple stroll. The Huntington is very vast and you could get lost if it were night. In fact if I were two film a horror movie, I'd like to film it a night at the Huntington. During the day it's so serene, but when darkness falls it's paths and trees would whisper dark dread.

 Architecture, structure, science, art, study and a nice place to have tea await you.
 Sadly, the Japanese Garden is still under construction for remodeling. It being off-limits compels me to want to come back to see it when it's completed. The Zen Garden and Bonsai Court were left open, but only made me miss the full section.

From the multiple garden and exhibits you have the Conservatory for some interactive exhibits. Different sections show insight to different environments, including the humid Rainforest. Next to it is the Children's Garden an excellent place to take you"re young ones, it was designed for them. I'd like to add I saw multiple activity carts for kids so they might learn a little extra  at different points. I mistook them for drink vendors and was saddened by the children's happy faces as I look for h2o.

The Lily ponds we're full of life with koi, turtles, and tiny fish swimming all around. As ducks walked past me and back into them I thought " I wonder why cartoonist chose them to be such jerks in cartoons". Daffy Duck and Donald are annoying jerks, yet these ducks seemed pretty low key. They were to quick to capture on camera, but tiny lizard scuttle past you between paths and in the gardens. They're rather fast and fun to see zoom past you. Butterflies flying past make it a relaxing zoo outside.

Inside I didn't realize I would encounter The Blue Boy, from Thomas Gainsborough.

I had no idea this classic piece of art was held within.  Painting , murals, tapestries, surround you in certain exhibits. A Gutenberg Bible welcomes you in another. From switching to plants and animals to fine art is a mix of culture you shouldn't go without. The different styles of multiple painters from the 18th century showed such style. A sculpture depicting a beautiful French woman caught my eye. All in a cool air-conditioned  paradise.

 Then back to strange plants, species that I haven't seen before or haven't ventured so far to see. I think people forget there's so much out there from staying at home. It's something to see it in HD on your tv, but so different to be outside with friends encountering the world.

I have to wonder who came up with the sign. It couldn't be a brand you check out of a catalog.

Recommending to go out this place is just one of many things you can do this summer. With so many places in LA and the surrounding areas don't waste not seeing them. You live in area with so much to do and see. I'm just happy to tell you the Huntington exists

There is price for this place, parking is free. Like any good museum in LA they have a free day.
"Admission to The Huntington is free to all visitors on the first Thursday of every month with advanced tickets. Hours on Free Day are 10:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m."