Monday, July 18, 2011

Squid Kid Ink Headed to Comic-Con, Is Nate Mitchell Approachable?

The 10-Doh is headed to Comic-Con or should I say Golden 10-Doh from the Squid Kids Ink people. They were also at AX, there at all the major cons, I like them for reaching out. Not Ejen Chuang who did the Cosplay in America Book. My problems is that he did one book, do another book Ejen. Don't become a horror movie star who gets fat and goes to horror cons and doesn't work anymore.

 I believe I saw Nate Mitchell who created the company, we last talked at Designer-con. He just didn't seem approachable at the con. He didn't seem to have that about him. He looked angry. We didn't talk.

Oh, crap Egoraptor from Newgorunds was there, totally forgot to interview him. Anyway
Some great new 10-dohs will be out for comic-con with prints avalaible.

The ones below are my new favorites
Super Nightmare Princess from Andrew Wilson

by Kwestone a.k.a. Chito A-word

Also the shirts look really good. I like the meteorite makes zombies joke, it's so B-movie reference.
Angry fierce eyes, a determined looked, a busy demeanor. I think Nate Mitchell doesn't seem approachable, but he's one Hell of a designer. Check out his booth a don't make eye contact, because he will end you this weekend.