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Thursday, July 14, 2011

Carmageddeon 405 Shut down

photo via Jonathan Alcorn

They"ll be plenty to do this weekend, you just might not be able to reach it. The 405 being shut down July 16th-17th, with some early shut down action or closures on the 15th.

The LAist reports some interesting news that if the contractors go over time they'll be penalized. Penalized $6,000 every ten minutes over time. This can also go up because each side of the 405 is considered a separate project.

Also the metro will have free rides and more buses out this weekend to compensate

Parties are popping up and some  viewings of the demolitions while kicking back.

One party from  spouts having the official kick-off party

Wokcano Santa Monica, 1413 5th Street (at Santa Monica Blvd)

Friday, July 15, 2011

Guests are encouraged to dress in "405 Freeway" attire (ie. Construction Hats, Street Signs, Bridges, Surface Streets, Maps, Bumpers, Exhaust Pipes, Traffic Jams, etc). Get creative! There will be a costume contest for the most creative and will winner will receive a custom-made beach cruiser from Sole Bicycles.