Tuesday, July 5, 2011

The Worst of AX: Austin Blues, Me So Hungry, Verizon

Overpriced food, it isn't AX's fault over all. The LA Convnetion Center loves to gauge up it's prices as does the awful L.A. Live. I've written to plan ahead because that food isn't worth it and there is nothing in short walking distance.

 The $10 combo at Austin Blues might as well be thrown up dog piss that has congealed. I got a philly cheese steak, I guess cheese in that can be nacho cheese. This booth only made money when the cafeteria shut down. The cafeteria is also quite bad, it could look nicer, for some reason it's darker within it. Everyone avoided Austin Blues like the plague during normal con hours. It's just another overpriced booth that doesn't give a fair amount of food for the price.
 The food trucks were considerably bad this year too. Me So Hungry cost me $10 for one small burger, which they call the monster. A kid's meal burger form McDonald's is comparable. I'll never eat there again and neither should you.

Verizon, it wasn't like they were jerks, there just isn't a need for a booth. As a sponsor they could have had a giant sign saying Verizon or just put something in attendee bags. The booth was a waste of their time and resources. It was so out of place. At least their wearing uniforms, Warner Bros Booth, not just some crap jeans.