Thursday, July 7, 2011

Warner Bros Terrible Marketing at AX

During a AX I beheld what I believed to be the Scream 5 booth, later after actually question why the Scream 5 booth was there by the exhibitors near the booth I found out it was for Final Destination 5. Then I questioned the exhibtors why Final Destination 5 was at Anime Expo.

In what might be some of the most piss poor marketing I've seen lately, Warner Bros might not give a damn the most. I acted like a total jerk about the validity of the booth being there while the head exhibitor texted on his phone and his booth continuously played FD5. When talking with him I really asked, "Why are you here?" . He replied after saying, "Why am I here?" slightly perturbed, "Same demographic as Comic-com" , then look backed down at his phone and texted some more. His lackeys standing around doing nothing since all they did was play the trailer. He said they through out lanyards and posters at a earlier point. He told me of the Supernatural anime showing and two other things he couldn't remember when I asked about Warner Bros presence. I brought up the ThunderCats and questioned him, why Warner Bros didn't show off such a great show that's coming out. A anime. He said it already premiered.

It premieres July 29th on Cartoon Network,
 here's my preview.

I was sent a screener by Cartoon Network pr, that part of Warner Bros doesn't suck. Frankly, there presence made me hate Warner Bros a little for sending people that don't really care. The people at the booth weren't in the spirit of the event. They didn't dress up or have any Warner Bros shirt on or even FD5 shirts. What I'm writing is I'd like their job for Warner Bros marketing in LA. The people at the event didn't seem to understand that it was for anime, I even brought up the multiple Horror-cons in LA they could have gone to instead like Weekend of Horrors or Monsterpalooza. Instead they're going to the X-games later this month. If I was in charge I'd go to local horror hot spots with the cast and crew for signings, places like Dark Delicacies. Some comic shops like Golden Apple. Maybe have some fun ARG  elements like a free screening location found from clues people have to find around LA to generate press.

It just pisses me off.  Warner Bros dropped the ball on not showing ThunderCats at Anime Expo. If it's shown at Comic-con great, but you could have easily gotten more press at Anime Expo and built a better connection with fans.

This is what Warner Bros said to me with FD5 being there, "Who cares about anime, I don't know what it is?"

I could have done so much for you Warner Bros, because I enjoy anime. I could have talked with fans, maybe had a prop Sword of Omens for people to take a pictures with, had people cosplay as Lion-O and walk around the convention. People put that on Facebook and other blogs and tell friends.

Instead you had a big screen tv play a horror movie with five people standing around it doing nothing, next to wigs.

*Clap* Clap*

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