Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Micheal Bay Is An Idiot: Transformers Dark Side of the Moon Review

I know it's titled Dark of the Moon, I don't care. A sensory overload of total nonsense. Writing is dead, buried and shot into space, then sucked through a black hole. Editing and directing are simply amazing for the lack of any understanding of the craft. Micheal Bay seems to randomly cut to places with no explanation. Characters are phased in and out with little reason as are sets or explanations of anything. From a standpoint from anyone whose studied film Micheal Bay seems to know nothing.

I'm sorry to be random with my style of writing, but I'm just going to be blurting out what I thought was quite possibly the most funded dumb movie ever. Action with no point what so ever!

The adding of 1st person shots and one Hell of awkward beginning of mixed real footage and bad cgi of Kennedy, yes President Kennedy makes the film start off totally discombobulated.  Bay's transitional filming style changing frequently to make a un-cohesive story. You flip through action, world conquering action WITH ROBOTS and shift to SHIA TRYING TO FIND A JOB!

There are just so many plot problems and just utter nonsense. The movie makes fun of Inception and Star Trek, but poorly. Little robots..dog... Shia owns a dog, there's a love story and oh man, what what , what was that? I just kept laughing, the music, the old scientist robot with hair and hostage situation and elephants. I .. I just don't know what that was, it's like seeing , I don't even want to use words.

Sad things is it's more entertaining than Green Lantern. If you want some just utter, damn, this is like, just see it with friends to laugh, it's a comedy. All of it is a total absurd comedy.

Micheal Bay is an idiot.