Tuesday, May 17, 2011

We're Invaded: Sgt Frog Season 2 Review

The little green men have landed, well some are green and others are red. They aren't actually men, but frogs and they do come in a assortment of different colors like a Power Rangers team.

Sgt Frog Season Two has recently come out from Funimation. The complete second season bring more laughs, more crazy plots, more questionable dubbing for a kids show. Sgt. Frog is meant to be seen on television, I have no idea why a major network like Adult Swim hasn't picked it up. It's the latest greatest anime comedy to be dubbed for North America.

Let start with the main plot again, if you haven't read my review of Season 1. Sgt Frog is about frog aliens set to conquer planet earth. The main frog is their leader Sgt. Keroro. He is an idiot. He gets caught by not so typical Japanese family the Hinatas and decides to live with them. Then the wacky antics ensue.

Season 2 is crammed with outrageous plots about a conquering frog alien platoon. That main frog alien happens to be rather lazy and loves Gundam. Stories about Olympic games between alien species, teaching soccer as a ghost angel, trying to counter the market on Valentine's Day, harnessing the laziness of the world, shrinking to fit into a board game, conquering a school play and sometimes trying to make a hot spring fill up only a little bit of the insane adventures of Sgt. Frog. Plus, it's 25 episodes to laugh at.

These adventures wouldn't exist without the characters that fill up the roster of the Sgt Frog Universe. The cute ninja girl Koyuki who saved Dororo the ninja of Sgt. Keroro's group. Paul the Butler with military training to protect Momoka the insanely rich girl who is in love with Fuyuki, She also has a split personality disorder. Space Deputy Kogoro and her bunny eared sister Lavie. Kululu the curvy eyed mad scientist,
                                                                Kululu is a crazy nut job

yellow frog of the group, who can build almost anything. Miss Furbottom and pink cat that loves Giroro and can transform into human form the looks like Cammy from Street Fighter
Many of the episodes sometimes focus more on one character than group, but Sgt. Keroro usually always steals the show.

The dubbing. Oh, the dubbing is on par or beyond Shin Chan and Ghost Stories. No where as dirty as those two series, the episodes capture a perfect sense of off the wall remarks, quotes and references to nerdy stuff. One scene had Momoka transform into battle armor. The Narrator than said "Power Armor, it's not for 1980's Lex Luthor anymore!" I exploded into a pile of laughter. It's not all pop culture reference, a lot of the writing is just plain funny inspired by the situation. The Narrator himself is a character, always going over his gambling debts are the only reason he still works for the show.

Just check some fan craft to see the love of this show.

Why I Love It

This season saw some great parodies of other shows. Sailor Moon suddenly shows up as a maid, while the way Evangelion was touched on was priceless. Mech design is thorough as the makers of Gundam, the original Gungam make this show.

Over the top action, can whiz into episodes or fights. I mainly mean Sgt Keroro getting beat up. The animation is consistent and for a somewhat old show it looks brand new.  The show started when Invader Zim did, so these episodes are over 5 years old, but look brand new.

Some episodes explore the concept of friendship in a virtually only comedy series. Fuyuki the paranormal investigator esque kid that found Keroro  and the Sgt. lose track of time and get lost in the park together. The episode explored their friendship, both of them are really nerds at heart and it's kind of touching to see Fuyuki explain what earth objects are to a space frog. Another episode where Momoka just wanted to be alone with Fuyuki showed how impossible that would be. Momoka created a virtual reality program and had a fake alien monster chasing them. So many of their friends are aliens or have strange powers that the dude in the alien suit died more than once. It's kind of best sitcom ever in that way. Fuyuku and Natsume Hinata have a alien space frog that just seems to pull in trouble and it makes for a great show.

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