Friday, May 13, 2011

Knockout Your Bangs, Bangkok Knockout Review

On the closing night of the Los Angeles Asian Pacific Film Festival I saw a instant martial art cult classic. From the people who brought you "Chocolate" a beat-em up worth of Jackie Chan. It's called Bankok Knockout.

Here's short synopsis, A martial arts team has just one the final round to find the best of the best. Some are doing it to make there Moms proud other for their kid siblings. The decide to celebrate with a party. Then things go wrong, they suddenly wake up with no reclction of what happened. Then a car comes out of  nowhere his one of them, Then  ninjas attack them!

Seems that martial arts contest they signed up for is shady as Hell and there trapped in a building with fights to death. That's only the start of the movie!

What I loved

Insane off the wall martial arts moves. The stunts are done by the actors. No stunt man changes. People battle on moter bikes. Underneath moving trucks. With swords and giant daggers. One scene is a free for all, with everyone going at it. A boss fight that bring paing to a new level.

Video game story line, this things is exactly written like a early beat-em up video game. It even has awesome boss fight with all the main fighters going after the most powerful fighter of them all. There's a whole video game setup of different tournaments and betting on different fighters. Within the movie people are betting on the fights to earn cash.

Poor acting, talking about the people betting on the fights above, I don't think you won't be able to laugh at their accents. The Spanish accent dude is the best. Bring back that the movie is done by stunt man, the acting is done by stunt man, which explains why the main hero is ugly. It's part love story and he gets the girl even though he doesn't look like he should.

Multiple fighters, like a select screen got filled up. Different fighters, with different styles and strengths are your main heroes. This makes all the fights unique and allows for some kick-ass team work.

Th audience luaghed, shouted and talked about how bad traffic in LA was throughout this next martial arts masterpiece.

I can't wait for it to be out in North America, because if you missed it, might be a while.