Saturday, April 9, 2011

Sgt Frog Season 1 Conquers Comedy

Fall in! Straighten up soldiers! Now is the time to hear about a frog that beats Kermit at charisma and charm. None other than Sgt. Frog better know as Sgt. Keroro or Kero to his friends. Dweeb and fridiot (frog + idiot) to Natsumi.  Whose Sgt. Keroto and Natsumi. Just let me finish this Gundam model and I'll tell you.

Finished the model

Sgt Frog Season 1 was re-released on DVD by Funimation. This is to accommodate the full first season from the last run of dvds for Sgt. Frog the spread Season 1 into two volumes. I love the box art and cases. You can even take them out to have mini-posters of your favorite frogs. It just goes to show, that if you take a little time and make good dvd case art, your with the fans.

For my fast paced readers, Sgt Frog is an anime comedy series about a frog alien trying to conquer earth. Filled with parodies of all aspects of Japanese culture and pop culture, especially Gundam. One of the best dubs I've ever heard, since Ghost Stories. You'll just spit out laughter when you hear some of the lines character's say. A huge cast of characters including hot anime babes, aliens, ghosts, ninjas and soldiers. This show has my highest rating as an anime comedy.

 Sgt Frog tells the tale of a alien frog called Sgt. Keroro or Sgt. Kero for short. Who is trying to Conquer Pekopon(what the frogs call earth) , hilarious problem is he's a Otaku idiot. You"ll be introduced to his ARMPIT crew throughout this season and there Team Rocket flare for failure. Sgt Keroro is the leader of the amphibious overlords, but not by much. Soon his joined by his way to adoring colored blue Private Tamama. Tamama is both cute like a tadpole and has the power of a laser canon in his mouth like a Dragonball Z enemy. Corporal Gigro is red with anger as a battle scared, tough as nails, battle frog, he constantly hates Sgt. Keroro. He also has a crush on Natsumi. Next we have, Seargent Kululu a yellow frog who laughs at others pain and invents pretty much anything that the frogs need. How about a age reversal gun anyone? Last, and I do mean last because he isn't remembered, a light blue ninja frog Lance Corporal Dororo. The other frogs seem to always forget about him.

Than you have the human family that took Sgt Keroro in the Hinantas. The Hinata Clan is comprised Fuyuki, the nerd otaku who befriends Sgt Kero. What I like is they do really get a long because at heart their both dorks. However Fuyuki is engrossed in all things mysterious, sci-fi or beyond this world. Next Natsumi, Fuyuki's cute sister who can kick a lot of ass. She does perfect in school in both athletics and atheistic, she's a cutie. (Giro has a crush on her) She beats down Sgt Keroro whenever he tries to conquer the earth and is his many enemy in conquer the plane other than his own stupidity and laziness. However, she still consider Keroro a part of her family, a stupid part. Aki is at the top of the Hinat Clan. She's a busty Mom whose a manga editor, one of the main reasons Kero is let to live the household is so she can steal story ideas about aliens for her manga

Plus, there's the cute Ninja girl, Ms. Furbottom, Giroro's cat, the narrator who talks through every episode,sometimes about how stupid the show is and he has to do it for he's gambling debts. Yes, I did write Mrs. Furbottom. New aliens are introduced all the time and almost anythings possible with a space frog living in your house. There's even Angle Mois whose suppose to destroy the Earth, but overslept and ruined Nostradamus's prediction of the world will end. She almost destroys the planet a few times.

Stories and plots revolve around trying to take over Pekopon , but some are just Sgt. Frog and his crew learning about earth. Wait some are just random, because your dealing with a insane alien frog. The writing, one again is just superb on the re-dub. There's a joke every few seconds, and even if it wasn't re-dubbed episodes would maintain comedy with the random appearances of Gundam models and anime parody.

From Otaku stand point Sgt.Keroro's room is amazing. It's like the best Otaku paid ever. The ascetic of the show is also bright and colorful for a cartoon so it feels like a Saturday Morning Cartoon show, to bad does no longer exist.

So soldiers this is one of the greatest anime comedies to come stateside. Humor pores out of every episode. I'm truly amazed it wasn't picked up by Adult Swim or just Cartoon Network. The damn, theme song show how marketable the frogs can be.

Pick it up on Amazon for $44.99 as I right this

Pick up the old box sets for cheap before there run is over

Season 2 set will followup on April 26, 2011. Season 3 will be released  by Funimation on June 28, 2011.

Yes, finally we get Season 3!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! People wanted more and so know we have Season 3 with completely new episodes to brighten up are Summer.