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Sunday, May 29, 2011

Don't Mess With DaVinci

Mm .. hhm. The Da Vinci Exhibit will soon be gone from Hollywood and Highland, ladies and gentleman. It is sorely a dishonor to yourself and others to not look into his work.

The Da Vinci Exhibit
Hollywood & Highland Center
Across from the Kodak Theatre ....more info
6801 Hollywood Blvd.
Hollywood, CA 90028
Monday - Sunday
10 AM - 6 PM

A fun presentation of what he accomplished in life with models and interactive booths. Simple mechanisms we take for granted today or shown off. You can get lost for a few hours learning and scouring the scene.

 To early concepts of flight that would never work to more realistic ideas Da Vinci show great effort in figuring how man could fly. Over 500 years before real planes would be created and other current technology.

 Fun interactive pieces show how far we've changed over time, turning a crank or even using a pulley isn't a normal task anymore

  I like how Da Vinci came up with war machines to defend his home and they would later be featured in Assassin's Creed 2. Some very impressive designs for ships, tanks and horrible machines to kill people showed he could easily help man or destroy it.

It wasn't all war he was a Renassaicne man, who also was a artist and created the well known Mona Lisa
 You can even draw a Mona Lisa of your own in the kid's activity section

With Da Vinci well known pieces are the pop cultur our parodies to show how his work is still in out minds.

The Da Vinci exhibit reminds us how one person can change the world, how every idea can translate into something of value, by looking into more than one aspiration is a talent that we should all try to achieve.  As memory serves, I did a book report on him in high school as have millions of other students. He is a historical figure you won't soon forget and always get revisited in the media of today and tomorrow. Didn't remember he was gay though, watch the video at the start of the exhibit, that's what it said.

See it before it's gone, chow for now.