Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Kate Moss Kind Of Sucks As A Role Model

After reading about the future show at the The Annenberg Space for Photography

BEAUTY CULTURE link  May 21st, and stumbling around google images looking for a picture of moss to make a funny Olly Moss image for my interview article, I got images of Kate Moss.

Kate Moss ties to the upcoming beauty show because photographs of her are in the show, in fact sexy photographs as what we percieve as the most beautiful women on the planet will be shown. The show is about the culture behind beauty and how it's shapes our world our really the photos of models shaping our world. How the concept of beauty has changed between the 20th and 21 century and the huge industry behind it.

I wikied Kate Moss after thinking of the show and finding some many images of here for moss typed into google image search. She is an extremely well paid model, Forbes ranks her as the 2nd highest paid model in the world. She also did a bunch of cocaine, had photos shown of her doing cocaine, which aren't admissable in British court. I think two kids.

She lied to President Clinton about doing drugs, but hey he lied too

She was known best for starting the heroin addict look

Best part of the Cocain Scandal section of her wiki

"Criticism of Moss has, however, continued, and her career revival has been viewed as a sign of moral and cultural decline ..."

I don't know if that will be covered in the show, but I couldn't agree more with the statement. Reality shows know dominate television and people watch idiots exploit themselves. They also let there children watch and imitate. It's just sad.


The Annenberg Space for Photography
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BEAUTY CULTURE opens to the public in Los Angeles on May 21, 2011 and runs through November 27, 2011.