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Friday, May 13, 2011

Free Comic Book Day Meltdown at Golden Apple

Yes, you see Robert Kirkman of Walking Dead fame with a Super Dinosaur behind him. His own creation, Super Dinosaur appeared at Meltdown
Golden Apple last Saturday for Free Comic Book Day. Before overheating in a clearly not well built suit for whoever needed to live inside Super Dinosaur strolled Melrose holding hands with Kirkman. Scaring Kirkman's son and then needing a fan stuffed down his throat Super Dinosaur was great on two levels. First, he looked great, secondly he created a show by almost dying of heat exhaustion in front of us and the kids at the bouncy hut.

Cosplayers were out as costumed heroes. Golden Apple let out many free goodies and free hot dogs and everyone seemed filled with comic fan glee as they met writer and Walter Koening from the original Star Trek. If you went to any of the places in the guide I posted I'm sure you got some comics and a story to tell, but not as funny as mine with the Super Dinosaur.
Even some chalk art was done outside.

Oh, Super Dinosaur, I hope Olly Moss saw you and makes a poster for you. Yeah, that's write this was all going down next to Gallery 1988.