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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Olly Moss Solo Show Part 2

 Olly Moss show seems to be hit, I'm already seeing posts all over the net. Meeting at the event he was swamped from all sides, I only got to talk with him briefly before he was swallowed by his fan base.

 I never Saw Olly until the show and as you can see he'd make a good looking Doctor Who, unlike the bird face looking one of the new series. I can tell you why the premiere ratings were so low, his face. Just give Olly Moss a bow-tie. Anyway here's a interview with Ollie before the show by /Film.
 My favorite of the show, John McClane from Die Hard with broken glass. I wonder if he just broke the glass and went with it or broke it a bunch of times.
 The extemely funny Two Batman, One Wolverine. Do you see Wolverine or two Batman?

 Saved By The Bell
 Akira and Venture Bros


 A very funny Reservoir Dogs piece, I wonder if anyone bought it for Quentin Tarantino.

 Talking about Doctor Who, Ollie must be a fan.

 You can't see it well in the shot, but Olly did cut oou a Invisible Woman, she's just the same color as the background
 Get it? It's from Kill Bill

Plus here's Kevin Tong's poster for I Saw the Devil, he was at the show, too supporting his mate Ollie. Then it was back to Unique LA last weekend