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Thursday, May 5, 2011

Were Watching You Metro, LADOT, and Caltrans

After reading a fun article by Max Lance on the city's puzzling waste of time and stupidity of putting signs that read, "If you see something, Say Something" on the Metro.

What the Hell?  I'm I suppose to be watching out for eye contact with another human being? Is the above poster telling me to watch out for everybody and be paranoid? Yes, yes it is.

It's part of Homeland Security wasting your money and doing very funny productons like this one

It reminded me of last years "Were Watching You" posters on the Metro, which is so akin to Big Brother it makes me want to puke.I'm not joking they had those signs up last year on the Metro.
Truly stunning is the LAPD marketing ripping off Apple.  iwatch? Because it's a iPad 2 app? Why the Hell is it in lower case?

 some  activites
LADOT Porn Cover-Up

LADOT does what it wants without approval