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Friday, May 13, 2011

Bengali Detective

Think of watching a satire or SNL comedy skit about detectives. Then you"ll be set for The Bengali Detective. The first movie I saw at the LAAPFF at the Directors Guild.

This movie wasn't your plain run of the mill documentary. It's a funny and sad doc on a detective agency in India. The damn thing starts off for a hilarious ride following some detectives that don't seem very professional at all. They go to dance try outs for a show and pretend to be cool. Towards the end you get this gritty realization that life can be short and there's a sad side to India with a lot of poverty and problems. Head detective Rajesh Ji who founded the detective agency is the main character. He's the leader and when you follow him and his crew you get a taste of what Indian life is like and it doesn't always seem that beautiful. It's melodrama with up and downs that will both make you laugh and cry. It's also a great way to learn about a different culture.

Rajesh forges ahead and you really don't get a sense of a end during the movie, just a glimpse into one man's life, which isn't that grand, but he truly makes the most of it.

What sounds strikingly scary is it's being remade? Fox Searchlight picked it up, meaning theymight option a remake, let's hope it's not a full blown comedy or people will be missing the point.