Friday, May 27, 2011

Tim Burton Exhibit Part 1

 On Wednesday I attend a preview for the Tim Burton Exhibit starting May 29 through October 31st with a secret event in the works for Halloween  all happening at LACMA.

The Tim Burton exhibit was more than I dreamed, with so many childhood memories to seeing Tim Burton's life start in Burbank.  From entering a gaping mouth to a topiary from Edward Scissorhands every part brings on a memory, every new section leading to more anticipation for the next.

The Fantastical Worlds of Tim Burton starts today with a showing of Edward Scissorhands with all of his movies being shown till the end of June.

Another reminder his Book Signing is Saturday
May 28 starting at 12pm

Monster Matines start in July and show off movies that inspired Tim, can't wait for Mothra!

Now enter it's mouth and let's start seeing the way Tim Burton does.

You see Tim Burton's start in Burbank and see how early on he was into horror and part of the Burbank Police Boys Brigade, funny stuff. Some home movies shot with friends show young Tim's talent for story and stop-motion.

 You can get lost in his art so many different pieces scattered about. There dark, yet humorous and colorful.

 One of the cookie cutting robots from Edward Scissorhands is strung up to greet you in the gallery

 His eery smile makes me want to keep it in my kitchen to help me bake cookies

You should really take your time and go through every piece you might miss one. You see Tim's style change throughout time, seeing his work go through phases and his humor change.

 His short Vincent is playing, with some nice storyboard work and drawings he did.
What really surprised me was the lost Hansel and Gretel was playing off in the corner!

Thought lost somehow MOMA found it. It only aired once on Halloween on the Disney Channel in the 80's and was directed and written by Tim Burton. I only watched some of it, but it needs to be available in a collected Tim Burton set.  Tim Burton's version has robot goose or swan and ninja throwing cookie stars and way to much violence. Hansel and Gretel are Asian which I didn't see coming and the set design is just pure Tim Burtonesque before he made the tripe that was Alice In Wonderland.

Part 2 , Part 3-movie props