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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Unique NY, No Way, It's Unique LA

Gather round let me tell you a tale of a art show/ craft store that kick boredom to hell. It had clothes, jewelry and sweets to eat. It had a fine sense of fun. Just take a elevator to the top, to the penthouse of course and you see all kinds of wonder things you could find there, nor there, but only there. Only good cheer, free energy drinks and tasting of treats.

I have no idea whats happening with those two in the picture, but I love their poses

So Unique LA had another fine show, a place where you could by special consumer good by the people. Sometimes from people you've seen online, other times people just trying out there sense of style. It was held with much consideration to those buying and selling. It's like having a open market in Arabian mythology, minus the live stock and brutish, harsh sunlight.

One of my favorites booths was the Disorderly Goods table for it's Merit Badges, which are iron-ons.

Kevin Tong had his posters and goods at his booth being questioned by his buyers. He takes the time to answer their questions.

If your really looking for a shirt or or maybe a wooden tie, yes they had those, than it's too bad because the show was only for this weekend, but don't worry I'm sure they"ll have another in Winter. Wait hold your wooden horses, the first ever Unique LA Summer is happening in July

The 1st Annual Summer Show, July 30 & 31, 2011 (11am – 6pm both days) Where: The Barker Hangar (3021 Airport Avenue, Santa Monica, California 90405)

Cost: $10 at the door or in advance (kids 12 and under are free)

Be sure to check it out