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Friday, May 6, 2011

The Worst Tie-In Ever

The Mighty Dror

via notcot
Simply put "a sheer waste of money and marketing", the DROR. This is a multi-crossover collaboration of the SHEILD Acura cars from the Thor movie. The desk is based on the SHIELD cars, luckily the legs have Thor and Acura spelled on them. The desk looks stylish, but why in the Hell tie it to Thor? It's just absurd. It's based on a car in a movie about Norse gods.

It's from DDCLAB who made the overpriced Jake Adventure Time watch. It's really overpriced crap for the rich, so if you see someone sporting something from them, they don't have taste, just money.
I have no idea why this was made or who allowed it to be commissioned. The money that went into it could have been turned into a party for fans or ARG game. Is Marvel so withdrawn from reality that they think the common fan can get this, The answer is Yes. Marvel likes to just waste money.

 Just look at there theme park plans for Dubai!

Sort of how like Russia and China sell nuclear material to America's enemies the big corporations are selling theme parks. I hope the financial crisis has so severely stopped work on these parks that they look like alternative futures like X-Men Apocalypse. Buildings broken, dust over have finished skyscrapers, it be great for photo shoots. I don't know if they care Dubai was made on the back of tricked immigrant workers that were lied to and turned basically into slaves, doesn't seem like it.

Spend you money on your fans, not greed.

I guess the same goes for the ugly looking Stussy collection of clothes, I think the cards by different artist were a great idea, but who gives a crap about Stussy ? You should have stopped at Toki-Doki