Thursday, May 26, 2011

Invaders Left LA, Now to Conquer France

Invader has headed back to France his home country for his future show opening on June 7th. His pixel ceramic art reminds us of the games of yester-year. You can still check them out around LA or in the places I mentioned at the Art in the Streets at MOCA exhibit.

via Arrested Motion

While we don't get our own show for Space Invader his new book will be out this Summer

World Invasion: Space Invader, 10th Anniversary

It will have some excellent pictures of his work as well as a in-depth material on where Invader has been and what his has done. He has been around the globe spreading his work and now you can see it all

"In 1998 an invasion of the planet earth began, emerging in the form of small space invaders, painstakingly constructed from mosaic tiles and pasted to buildings across France. This urban virus was a new kind of invasion, inspired by the iconic 1970s computer game of the same name and developed to its logical conclusion in the material world, a homage to viral proliferation in a digital age. Gradually spreading across Europe, America and throughout the world over a period of ten years, the vivid Space Invaders can now be seen from the shores of Varanasi to the streets of Mombasa, from the slums of Los Angeles to the Hollywood sign itself; all the work of the Invader, a lone artist based in Paris. In a mere 10 years Invader has been everywhere, and World Invasion documents this first decade. A selection of the best invasions so far are shown for each country, including specific details of each invasion and close-ups of some of the best invaders, accompanied by maps, essays and bonus materials including details of arrests, close escapes and other invasion-related paraphernalia. The most heavily invaded countries are accompanied by a written introduction by the Invader himself. "
World Invasion: Space Invader, 10th Anniversary $22.32 to preorder right now