Friday, May 6, 2011

L.A. Noire Crime Map?

So Rock Star has a crime map of 1947 LA, thanks to the LA Times. I thought they would have done some sort of ARG campaign by now. Maybe, have people solve a crime around LA. Instead we get a crime map.

Kind of a boring ad campaign.

Sad, when both Green Lantern and Thor both have viral marketing. Green Lantern has two web-sites you should check out. Amanda Waller has one and if you watched Justice League Unlimited you might remeber she's a bad, bad, person. Looks like they changed what her character does in the movie. Also mention's of Ted Knight who  becomes Star Man in DC lore. Another site is about 4 astronmers finding a anamoly in space.

Thor isn't as fun. It already passes, but you could be part of SHEILD and play some games online to win free stuff, mostly a car commercial.